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10 Reasons WWE's Ministry Of Darkness Failed

Logging into the hallowed amphitheatre of the WWE network can feel like a bit of a graveyard party at the moment. Between Mark Calaway finally breaking character to give interviews, (leading to WWE’s tour de force series, The Last Ride), and the upcoming celebration of The Undertaker’s career at Survivor Series 2020, the streaming service is awash with documentaries, compilations and adverts honouring the career of everybody’s favourite ‘Deadman’.

However, give or take the odd, quickly inter-spliced clip, there is little in the way of content being promoted regarding the 1998-1999 faction, The Ministry of Darkness. Poor old Gangrel has resorted to saving Sammy Guevara from fireworks after missing out on talking head paychecks from the federation.

Between the sacrifices, hangings, blood baths, embalming and buried alive matches, The Ministry’s time in the spotlight made for some of the most exciting prime time television of the Attitude era, so why have they been relegated to an undead relic of wrestling history?

The answer is more convoluted than you might think…