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10 Trades WWE & AEW Need To Make

Trades don't actually happen in professional wrestling. There is a war going on, didn't you know?! Neither WWE nor AEW are looking to strengthen their opposition, no matter the benefits that might come their way in exchange. No matter how much sense the trades may make, the simply won't happen.

Still, it doesn't hurt to speculate.

We live in a wonderful time for professional wrestling, empty arena shows aside, as there have never been more outlets for quality performers to make their mark. Both AEW and WWE have roster overflowing with talent, men and women looking to make their mark on the pro wrestling industry. The abundance of riches is clear for all to see.

Not all of those pieces are in the right place though, far from it. AEW and WWE may have talented rosters but they also happen to be somewhat bloated, full of quality performers with little to do, fantastic pro wrestlers in the right place at the wrong time. Or is that the wrong place at the right time? Either way, something is wrong.

That wrong can be righted by moving across the divide, by making the jump to the other side. By moving these 10 pieces (well, 13 actually), both sides will be better off.