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10 Wrestlers Who Destroyed Their Careers On Live TV

Pro wrestling is as forgiving as it is cruel and callous.

Though money comes more from multi-billion dollar television network deals than punter pockets in 2020, the emotional investment still needs to marry up with the financial one for the product to even exist, with empty buildings leaving a more damning impression on an organisation than any eight-figure contract.

WWE's stock market woes of late have given way to a bizarre new trend in finally f*cking moving on from the Attitude Era, but their coverage of the Ruthless Aggression period that followed has already been lambasted for factual inaccuracies and whitewashing of the innumerable elements from the time that didn't really work. It'll probably result in them racing through to the PG Era that followed and beyond until "nostalgia" will just be classed replaying an edition of Raw from 12 months ago.

The net result? Nobody's career ever dies - everybody has a use because they were at least there once. Forgiving, even in if the past-life was callous. If there's money to made or perceptions to be massaged, what was once destroyed can be rebuilt...