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Wrestling is an art form which can inspire many emotions in its viewers. It can fill us with righteous anger, or leave us saddened by a travesty of justice. It can make our jaws drop in awe at the capabilities of the human body, or sickened by man’s capacity for violence.

Most of all, though, it’s supposed to make us smile.

There’s so much wrestling content out there that obviously not all of it is going to be any good, and some of it is downright garbage for any number of reasons. But at its best, at its purest, there’s nothing better to cheer you up, which is more important than ever in times like these.

Whether that’s due to a deserving performer finally getting the recognition they deserve, a much-loved star making an unexpected return, the culmination of a well-crafted storyline, or just a really, really good wrestling match, the business is capable of generating the kind of entertainment that nothing else really can.

So if you’re feeling stressed, or the current craziness is getting on top of you, we’ll bet these matches will get you smiling once again...