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7 Match Star Ratings For WWE Elimination Chamber 2021

There was a spot here early that makes an absolute mockery of the AeW jUST doEs SPOtFesTs takes.

They are manifestations of deranged, brainwashed bias because where is the same energy for the four-way neckbreaker spot that John Morrison had to sell, very suspiciously, just to set up? This was just a thing they'd all thought would look cool, and while there's nothing inherently wrong with that, it wasn't a Legion Building classic.

Gauging by the story of the match, it would appear that RETRIBUTION care about Ricochet again. #longtermstorytelling!

But why would they? He eats sh*t on Main Event every week, and they already won the feud. Or did they? You'll never remember. Admit it.

The action was reasonable at its worst, and some of the exchanges worked between Ricochet and Ali were very good. But as is so often the case with a genre of match WWE just doesn't get, the pops never escalated into a crescendo, and there was an enervated quality to almost everything. At one point, they all did the all-fall-down spot - the modern carny's way of summoning a "This is awesome!" chant. It comes to something when they didn't even .wav it in the production truck. A caught Ricochet dive - after which his back ate a ring post - looked fantastic, mind.

Otherwise, this was mere indie fare as Content.

Star Rating: ★★¾