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At its best, the wrestling business is driven just as much by character work as it is by in-ring ability. For all the flips and flops in the world, they can be rendered null and void if there's no story nor emotion to what we're seeing play out between the ropes.

One key fact to creating emotion in the wrestling business, of course, is establishing the lines of good and evil, of babyface and heel, and at times veering into shades of grey with certain characters when called for. For so many performers over the decades, they've often bounced from one side of the spectrum to the other - from the all-smiling, baby-kissing, granny-hugging good guy or gal, to the snarling, cheating, audience berating bad guy or gal.

In the realms of WWE, the ultimate call on any of these characters changes falls upon the familiar figure of Vincent Kennedy McMahon. While the likes of Big Show, Undertaker, Kane, and Kurt Angle have changed their stance more times than any of us can remember, there are certain stars who McMahon has outright refused to have turn to the dark side.

Whether it was McMahon refusing a wrestler's own personal request to turn heel, refusing to embrace a negative audience response to a talent, or even an ever-familiar late-minute "plans change, pal", here are eight talents the Chairman refused to turn heel...