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Major WWE Executive Fired!


In a year dotted with releases by the company, it appears that more WWE firings could be on the horizon.

As per PWInsider, WWE has released John Brody. Having been with the company for nearly six years, Brody was most recently working as the Executive Vice President and Global Head of Sales & Partnerships and Head of International. Quite the title, no?

It’s believed that a large percentage of those working directly under Brody were furloughed by WWE earlier this year, with many of those eventually being released by the company. As alluded to, it’s believed that there has already been – or will be soon – more executives released from their WWE contracts.


WWE has brought in record revenue this year, with plenty WWE higher-ups bathing themselves in Scrooge McDuck levels of money. On the other hand of that, of course, the company has made over 100 releases across the board – be that wrestlers, producers, or office personnel based at WWE’s Stamford HQ.

Right now, it seems as if John Brody could well be just the first of yet another number of WWE employees to have their termination confirmed by Vince McMahon’s sports entertainment juggernaut.