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News On Seth Rollins Taking WWE Time Off Soon


The Wrestling Observer are reporting that Seth Rollins is set to miss at least a full month of WWE action.

Rollins is taking some time off soon to be with Becky Lynch as the couple welcome their first child - his sabbatical is set to be a happy one then.

The Observer claim Seth will be back "fairly quickly" though. Current plans call for him to skip the entirety of December and then come back refreshed in January for the Royal Rumble-WrestleMania sprint. If anything, this is great timing on Rollins' part. December is traditionally a slow month anyway.


Seth lost to his former 'Disciple' Murphy on Friday's episode of SmackDown. It's also believed that WWE decided to blow off his long-running feud with Rey Mysterio on last week's show after several rewrites earlier in the day; if you thought the conclusion to their lengthy rivalry was sudden, that's why.

Rollins is scheduled to work as part of Team SmackDown on Sunday's Survivor Series pay-per-view. After that, his break will begin, and fans are unlikely to see him again until the new year.