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The Undertaker Shoots On Vince McMahon Admitting "He Was Wrong"


The Undertaker has told Sports Illustrated's Media Podcast that Vince McMahon admitted he was wrong about the first ever 'Punjabi Prison' match at WWE's Great American Bash 2006 pay-per-view.

Both 'Taker and Big Show (who was replacing The Great Khali) spent an entire afternoon getting cosy in the bamboo cage and working out which spots they could safely work. Meanwhile, McMahon was dead set on a flashy door bump that he thought would make the match more special.

The 'Deadman' told his boss that it couldn't be done and would "suck", but Vince was having none of it. Rather than listening to 'Taker, McMahon ploughed ahead with plans to include the grand set piece.


It did suck.

Backstage afterwards, Vince pulled The Undertaker to one side and privately admitted, "You were right, I was wrong". It impressed 'Taker that McMahon could own up to his mistakes, but he just wished WWE's leader had listened to him before they attempted it.


The spot didn't come out anything like Vince had hoped it would, and he was as disappointed as anyone else by how it looked.

Lesson learned: ALWAYS listen to The Undertaker.