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WWE 13 | WCW Lives Part 1

The following story is a reboot to an unfinished story titled "WCW Lives" set in 2001 featuring WCW vs The WWF vs ECW.
The WWE '13 reboot is set mainly in late '00 and eliminates the ECW aspect.
It also puts focus on the final week before WCW and the WWF square off at Survivor Series.

After sending Shane to aquire the rights to World Championship Wrestling, Vince finds out that he is not the new owner of the fallen company, but that Shane has acquired WCW for himself in an all out attempt to not only revive WCW, but ensure that the WWF is no more in doing so. Will a well thought out plan and a few popular faces be enough to
put the WWF out of business?
One McMahon is going down.....is it Vince or Shane?

Unlike previous stories, the "WCW Lives" reboot puts more emphasis on the main company battle instead of the lower card fueds that normally lead up to the final showdown. **Due to constant various glitches a featured part on Kurt Angle is missing from the story that details his entry into the story instead of his abrupt appearence as shown.