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  • 1991 The Haunted movie based on TRUE events. Please read description

1991 The Haunted movie based on TRUE events. Please read description

Now and then I will be posting movies or videos that pertain to what is going on in my home. Many of the events are similar and the stories are based on TRUE events.
The haunted was a tv mini move made May 6,1991
The Smurls claimed that beginning in 1974, their double-block home located at 328 Chase Street in the city of West Pittston, Pennsylvania was disturbed by a demon that caused loud noises and bad odors, threw their dog into a wall, shook their mattress, pushed one of their daughters down a flight of stairs, and physically and" sexually assaulted" Jack on several occasions.

In 1986, the family brought in a pair of demonologists, Ed and Lorraine Warren. According to Ed Warren, the demon that inhabited the Smurls home was "very powerful" and that it shook mirrors and furniture after they tried to persuade it to leave by playing religious music and praying. Warren claimed he felt a drop in temperature and saw a "dark mass" form in the home, and the demon once left a message on a mirror telling him to "get out". After months of investigation, Warren alleged that he had a number of audiotapes containing knocking and rapping caused by the demon

Director: Robert Mandel
Writers: Robert Curran (based upon the book by), Jack Smurl (based upon the book by) | 4 more credits »
Stars: Sally Kirkland, Jeffrey DeMunn, Louise Latham

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