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The ECW Career of Sabu

Wrestling Bios Presents - The ECW Career of Sabu

Sabu in ECW was a revelation. While the WWF / WWE and WCW were presenting much more traditional style of wrestling matches during 1993 and beyond, over on ECW, Sabu caught the attention of wrestling fans with a high flying style that had never really been seen on American wrestling shows. To quote Joey Styles, Sabu changed what aerial offense in professional wrestling was.

Trained by Ed Farhat, best known as The Shiek (or The Original Shiek), Sabu made his debut in Farhat's Big Time Wrestling promotion before making his way to Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling (FMW). The style of wrestling presented in FMW prepared Sabu for his ECW debut in 1993, where he was portrayed as an uncontrollable animal. From here, Sabu would go on to win the ECW Heavyweight Championship a total of 2 times during his days in ECW.

Well known for giving wrestling fans some of the most memorable moments in ECW history and becoming a fan favourite among hardcore wrestling fans, Sabu's impact on the extreme wrestling scene can not be ignored. In this mini documentary, we take a look at Sabu in ECW.

Topics covered include:
- Sabu getting trained by The Original Shiek and working as Sabu "The Elephant Boy"
- FMW wrestling and Japanese hardcore wrestling
- The Sabu ECW debut
- The Shiek and Sabu vs Atsushi Onita and Tarzan Goto in FMW
- Sabu and his wrestling moveset
- Sabu no showing an ECW event in 1995 and working in NJPW, leading to him getting fired
- The Rob Van Dam and Sabu tag team
- The "Born to be Wired" Sabu vs Terry Funk match
- Much More!

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