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Perfidious Pete Plays XCOM: War of the Chosen – Faster & Furiouser [Episode 2]

I've always wondered what it would be like to live my life a quarter mile at a time. And now, thanks to Dominic Toretto, Hollywood's baldest Adonis, I can finally find out. So join me as I drop my voice about three octaves, shave my head to conceal my wickedly receding hairline, and start shankin' aliens left and right with a shiv I made from an old sardine can!

This run was recorded on Commander difficulty and includes the the Alien Hunters, Anarchy's Children, Reinforcement and Resistance Warrior Packs, Shen's Last Gift, and War of the Chosen DLC components. It also includes Gotcha Again (possibly the best quality of life mod developed for the game to date), Commander's Choice, Numeric Health Totals, a smattering of cosmetic mods, and liberal use of the console to add faction soldiers.

Wand to suggest your favorite Vin Diesel cameo? Well, go ahead, but odds are that character is probably already on the job. Because Vin Diesel has been in quite a few films, but he's almost always one of the same three characters. And don't forget to pick up XCOM: War of the Chosen for yourself here:


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