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Tom Dooley / Tompall And The Glaser Brothers 1962

An extremely well known Folk tune, the original lyrics were written by the Poet Thomas Land in 1868, and is based on the Murder of Laura Foster of Wilkes County North Carolina, by her then Husband to be, former Confederate soldier Tom Dula, ( pronounced as Tom Dooley ).. There has been considerable thought given about Tom Dula's innocence, that the murder may of been committed by a jealous third party a former lover of Dula's, and cousin to Laura Foster.. Zebulon Vance a former Governor of North Carolina who defended Dula Pro bono strongly believed in his innocence, yet couldn't save him.. The most successful recording of this song folks was by The Kingston Trio in 1958.. Not only did it go to # 1, it sold over 6 Million copies, & became the song of the year in 1958... It also won a Grammy Hall Of Fame Award, it is in the National Recording Registry at the Library Of Congress, and is credited with also starting the late 50's early 60's Folk Music Movement.. Enjoy it Friends, anything the Glaser Brothers ever done was certainly great, & their Chorus's on this fits well with those of the Kingston Trio.. The recent passing of Jim Glaser as well brings another sad blow to his Family, his Fans, and the Country Music World entirely.. May what once was, always be, the greatest trio of all time, Tompall & The Glaser Brothers. Thank you Friends, and yes there is also a photo of Tom Dula on the video as well.!!!