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Batman: Arkham Knight All Most Wanted Stories (All Cutscenes) All Side Missions 1080p HD

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Two Face Bandit - 04:48
In Line of Duty - 16:12
Gunrunner - 25:30
Creature of the Night - 44:54
Friend in Need - 53:24
Gotham on Fire - 59:43
Lamb to the Slaughter - 01:04:49
A Perfect Crime - 01:08:38
Deathstroke Missions - 01:21:23
Includes Occupy Gotham, Armored and Dangerous, Own the Roads and Campaign for Disarmament)
Heir to the Cowl - 01:28:19
Riddler's Revenge - 01:42:12
Knightfall Protocol - 02:09:02

Now that we have all the Most Wanted Missions recorded, we thought you might enjoy watching them together as a sort of game movie. Not all the missions flow together, but it all adds up to one epic night of crime fighting. If you watch our videos on the side missions individually, you'll notice that we redid the end of the Deathstroke mission so he had his regular batsuit, and you'll notice we re-did "Heir to the Cowl" to choose the "Break the Sword" option.

We added the beginning to create some cinematic value, even though it's not from the side missions. It is where Batman gets his first lead on Penguin though, so we feel like it works. To me, the stand out missions as far as story goes are "Heir to the Cowl," "Creature of the Night," "Riddler's Revenge," and "A Perfect Crime." We hope you enjoy the compilation. This is not meant to be a walkthrough but merely showing off the stories. We also included the Knightfall ending, since it directly ties in with "Riddler's Revenge," and "Heir to the Cowl" depending on how you look at it. Hope you enjoy!

Gameplay by Yofatdaddyyy and Knowledge
Edited by Yofatdaddyyy and Knowledge

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