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Buffalo Tramples Car in Apparent Road Rage Incident

Road rage is not an uncommon sight on South African roads. Impatient drivers wreak havoc in the bustle of the cities as they zoom about in their 4x4’s on our roads. When visiting our game reserves, however, one is expected to enjoy a nice relaxing game drive, far away from the profanities being yelled at currently on the highway.

Luxembourgian, Vicky Schmidt, and her holiday travel party recently caught a dramatic and unusual act of road rage at the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Park, while enjoying a three-week trip in South Africa.

“The two guides who were driving the truck, stopped immediately when they saw the buffaloes on the street. Luckily, they always had a good feeling for the mood of the wild animals and we always observed them at a safe distance. The guides parked the truck across the street so we could perfectly observe the Buffaloes walking on the street”, says Schmidt.

Although the buffalo appears as one of the more placid animals to encounter in the bush, they are in fact one of the most dangerous animals in Africa, having fuses almost as short as a Sandton yuppie behind the wheel of her BMW.

So, watching from her vantage point during a game drive, Schmidt, prepared her camera in anticipation as an impatient driver attempted to push these overgrown bovines from the road.

Schmidt continues, “The family in the car tried to run the buffaloes off the road, so they could pass with their car. As you can see on the video, they weren’t interested in the buffaloes but were taking pictures of an elephant which was a long way off. They didn’t respect the buffaloes and this is what I told my boyfriend during taking the video”.

Suddenly, the pent up rage of the buffalo exploded, as it rushed toward the Kia Sportage, crashing into it’s rear side panel and lifting one wheel off the ground.

“I expected that they will have their revenge”, says Schmidt.

The motorist raced off with a dented car adding one more statistic of road rage to South African roads.

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