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Greg Valentine - Why I Quit WWF After Earthquake Job Match at Wrestlemania 7

Greg "The Hammer" Valentine explains why he quit WWF & WCW. Also, the story of Herb Abrams cancelling his check after a UWF TV taping! Full shoot ➤ http://TitleMatchNetwork.com

Produced, licensed & distributed by Title Match Media LLC. Enjoy the full Greg "The Hammer" Valentine shoot interview (2000) on our streaming subscription service, http://TitleMatchNetwork.com.

Title Match Media LLC digitally remastered the original raw footage, including color correction and advanced audio editing specifically for this YouTube release.

Greg Valentine talks about why he decided to quit WWF after that Earthquake job match at Wrestlemania 7. According to Valentine, he agreed to do the job for Earthquake but in what was proposed as a 12 minute match. On the day of Wrestlemania 7, the Valentine vs Earthquake match was cut to 4 minutes, essentially making it a squash match. Valentine quit WWF then headed to WCW where he later quit after refusing to job to Sting on a WCW Saturday Night TV taping.

Later on, Greg Valentine was hired by Herb Abrams for the UWF. The crew was doing their TV Tapings in New York when afterwards, Valentine met up with Vince McMahon to discuss a return to the WWF. When Herb Abrams found out about this he immediately cancelled Valentine's check!

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